Is your company ready for the New Normal?


The crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a process that many executives thought impossible, or that would take years to implement effectively. The technologies, who would say, are already available to be explored as a solution. The issue, however, has more to do with people, flexibilization (or optimization) of processes and spaces and the implementation of […]

ACE and StartSe launch a complete innovation program for companies

FIX - Full Innovation Experience will bring immersion to the board of directors and management of companies, connected to projects developed via corporate squads To be successful and result, innovation needs to penetrate all levels of a corporation - from the board to the operational. Aware that innovative projects in organizations depend on a culture that supports […]

How to face crisis and recession as a startup founder?

Moments of economic crisis and tend to be great trials for entrepreneurs. Historically, times of recession or volatility are a pendulum between the emergence and growth of new businesses and the bankruptcy of a significant number of companies or even entire sectors. One of the certainties in times of crisis and economic instability is that […]

Google for Startups Summit: what I learned at the global accelerator conference

google for startups

Google has a number of global relationship programs with entities in the startup ecosystem. Until recently, there were several brands for these programs - which were unified into one: Google For Startups. ACE has been an exclusive partner of Google in Brazil since 2018, and was one of the first 10 members of […]

Will fintechs dominate the banking sector?


In the ecosystem of startups, the term fintech has gained the spotlight, especially in Brazil. But why does this happen and, even more, what makes up a fintech? They are startups that offer credit, credit marketplaces, payment methods, e-wallets, risk analysis calculations, digital banks - all sorts of activities that close this […]

I want to undertake, what are my options?

Entrepreneurship is something that instigates or haunts many people. For many, understanding the term, or even what makes someone become an entrepreneur, is still complex. At ACE, we live with the profile on a daily basis and understand each one's motivations. Let's demystify what are the main characteristics that an entrepreneur needs to have, and […]

Retrospective: the most striking news of 2019

2019 was a very intense year, perhaps the best so far for Brazilian startups. Let's go to the list of subjects that gave us something to talk about when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. Elon Musk's madness Elon Musk and all his achievements always have a captive place at Growthaholics. This year, we have highlighted since […]

What are the Brazilian unicorns?

quais sao os unicornios brasileiros

2019 was a very fruitful year for Brazilian startups. In addition to gaining new unicorns, investments in Brazil totaled more than R$ 9 billion, the majority of which came from abroad. This is a reflection of a maturing ecosystem, with more experienced entrepreneurs and relevant content available to those who […]

Do we need to be afraid of the competition?

In a letter to investors, Reed Hastings, Netflix's CEO, said he was more frightened by Fortnite's competition than other streaming services. Disney itself went after launching its DisneyPlus, understanding that its competition was no longer just the big movie studios. And, finally, Jorge Paulo Lemann, founder and […]

Can any company use OKRs?

You may have heard of the concept of OKRs on behalf of Google, which popularized the method of monitoring performance and results in companies. However, it was Andy Grove (who turns and moves is mentioned in the podcast episodes), former CEO of Intel, the creator of the method, used to achieve goals. Every idea, in fact, […]